Fairy tales from the badger’s hole

This artwork is part of a set of illustrations for a children's fairy tale about a funny family of badgers.

On the front plane of the illustration we see the Daddy the Badger holding a book of fairy tales which he reads to his children at night. Mommy Badger gently hugs her children. There are a lot of details in the illustration that reveal the life and character of badgers.

Interesting fact about badgers is that they are not aggressive towards predators and humans, they prefer to move away and hide in a hole or to another place, but if they get angry, they hit their nose and bite the offender, and then run away. Also, a badger is the only weasel that hibernates for the winter.

Did you know that the badger has a wide range of sounds?  While searching for food he sniffs and puffs. When talking to each other badgers purr,  when frightened the badger screams loudly.

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Personal artwork




- Adobe Photoshop
- Wacom Cintiq