AC Services company logo

A logo is the visual representation of a company or brand so when designing one you need to make sure it will represent the business the right way.

You need to consider how the logo will look on products or on advertising and marketing materials. Even though more challenging, you should also try to predict the emotions someone feels when they will see the logo because a logo is the first thing a customers of a business bumps into and it’s one of the most important elements of its branding.

In this article I am sharing some examples of alternative logos I did for a small consulting company. The business did not have a symbol or icon (like Apple or Twitter) so I experimented with word marks and letter marks.

These example logos are based mostly on uniquely styled text to spell out the company name (word marks). I decided to use letter marks so that I could use the initials of the company owner to better graphically illustrate the brand (compared to using a long name and surname).

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AC Services company




- Adobe Photoshop
- Wacom Cintiq