This is a 2D animation I made by hand drawing in Blender. The video features a little girl that sneaks towards a cake and cannot resist eating a piece, but she is left with a surprise!

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How do you teach a child to wait for several hours before having a piece of a cake that they really love? Waiting can be a challenge for many children. Time itself is an abstract concept. When waiting, time can seem to drag. When enjoying an activity or in a flow state, time passes without notice. We live in a society where people want things yesterday, where with technology, we can literally wish for something, order it and have it in our hands within hours without ever leaving our house. It can be easy to forget that we need to teach kids the art of waiting. The idea behind this short movie is to remind everybody to teach kids the art of waiting, but it's also proof that often good and funny stories come from events and interactions that are happening right in front of us all the time.


2D Animation course (Merinov school)


March 2023


- Blender
- Wacom Cintiq